Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Old Piece from the Cedar Chest

This is the center of a small piece that is probably rayon and is most likely meant to be the cover for an old baby carriage. The quilting is lovely and so is the embroidery. It is bound in pink satin - probably ribbon.

Here is a closeup of the quilting stitches and embroidery. Very nicely done. This, too, was in things that belonged to Ray's mother. However, I know that it was not something she did but I don't have any idea of who would have done it. It is very thin and may just have a piece of fabric in it for the batting.

In each corner is this pretty quilted star. This is a very pretty little piece.
Also in the cedar chest and I will take some photos one day is a quilt that Ray's mom did embroider some blocks that were published in the newspaper every week. His grandmother then evidently put it together and quilted it. After the first of the year when things are slowed down, I will pull the chest out of the closet and see what else interesting is in there that I could share. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Oh good, show us your chest, Carol. lol

Tozz said...

That is so special Carol. I look forward to seeing your chest....I love exploring in chests. :)