Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anyone Remember Making These?

I ran across these on the internet and they brought back memories. Back in the 1960's when we lived in Topeka, Kansas, I made some plates like these to hang on my kitchen wall. The kitchen was turquoise and white and so were the plates. I thought these were the cutest things way back when. Maybe some of you younger girls will remember your mothers having little knickknacks like this hanging around your home. The dishes were purchased at the dime store where they had all kinds of pieces of white dinnerware very cheap. In fact, at one time I had an entire set that I purchased which we used for everyday. I still have one old soup bowl left. Nowadays the dollar stores replace the five and dimes and you can still get some good bargains there. (Click to enlarge)

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Pokey said...

I didn't make them, but I do remember seeing a couple at my friend's mom's house! Thanks