Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back Home Again

Returned home late last night from Kansas City after a great weekend with my family. My new grandson's mother spends time house and pet sitting in a wonderful home overlooking the Country Club Plaza which is lit and ablaze with Christmas lights on Thanksgiving night for the season. On Friday night, she had us all down for wine and snacks - what fun. It was almost like a repeat of Norah and Chad's wedding on Mackinac Island in September. Here are my three granddaughters - I kind of like them!!!! Will post more later. Hope you all had a great holiday, also. Now on to Christmas - and it will arrive quickly! (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Welcome home!!! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday. It looks like the weather was nice for you all. We went to the log cabin and spent the weekend just the 5 of us and no visitors, that was kind of special and really nice. There is snow in Gaylord!!!!!

Karen said...

The four of you look like you are up to no good!!