Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Big Pot of Soup

Much to my daughter's delight, today I made a huge pot of veggie soup. I got out the old pan that has cooked many batches of soup over the years and filled it with all the good stuff that goes into that good old comfort food. It's impossible for me to make a small pot of soup, anyway. This was the perfect day - we woke up to a lot of snow on the ground, school was cancelled which gave Sherry a day off and just perfect timing for this little endeavor. It turned out great and I will have enough left for at least two or three more meals. Sher has been hinting about this for sometime now and was tickled when she found out she could bring a big pan over and take the soup home for her and Barclay to enjoy.

I also had a fun time sitting for a couple of hours with my neighbor's great granddaughter - a darling little 8 year old girl. That was such fun - reminded me of when I first moved here and Hannah would spend quite a bit of time with me. I always so loved having the girls around - and of course, I still do, but they don't want to play "Go Fish" or "Crazy Eights" anymore! Taryn can come visit me anytime. She's a sweetheart.

One other little note - Wednesday evenings the show Modern Family is on television. I am so hooked on that one - it is absolutely as funny as can be and full of quirky characters and great writing and acting. And while I am speaking of tv shows - I was in KC when Dancing With the Stars crowned their winner - a big thumbs down from this old gal. Could not believe who won! Nuff said!


Leslie said...

Oh that looks yummy. We have been finishing up the turkey noodle soup that I made on Monday. I stayed inside yesterday and made Christmas gift table runners for friends and family. Each one that I finished of course darling Elle claimed that she wanted. What a monster. Why should she and your granddaughters ever learn to quilt when they know that they have all of what they want from us. lol

Karen said...

Yummy soup! I also enjoy Modern Family and agree with you about Dancing with the Stars.