Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fashion Friday - A Day Late

This is what a lovely young teacher in Portland, Oregon, wore for the first time on Christmas Day - which I had almost forgotten was Fashion Friday! Doug gave Molly a ring Christmas morning - how romantic is that? I was with Sherry, Barclay and Hannah opening gifts when Molly called. In a few minutes - she was on the speaker phone - she said he had given her the ring. Lots of wonderful, loud reaction to the news - some tears - what a lovely moment. Doug is welcomed by all of us with open arms. This Christmas was a little hard for Sherry and Barclay with both older girls not here. However, she knew they were both in happy places and that is so very true. Molly sent us this picture by e-mail.
I am so lazy today - but that usually happens the day after Christmas. Hope you all had a great day.


Tozz said...

HOw fabulous is that? and what a gorgeous ring too :) Congrats to the lucky couple :) hugs

Leslie said...

Oh Carol, what a wonderful Christmas memory they will have. Leif asked me to marry him on Christmas eve, twenty three years ago. My how time flies when you are having fun,huh.