Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Great Tip I Got From Kathy

I hope you can get an idea from these pictures how to sandwich the layers of a quilt using a great tip I got from one of the girls in our guild who does just beautiful machine quilting. She uses little strips of fusible web to hold everything together. I actually took the web from the release paper of wonder under and cut little strips, laid them on the batting (starting in the center) then unfolded the top and ironed it to the batting. I was careful not to press the embroidery that I had in the blocks. It only takes a few strips for each side - the middle, and left and right sides.
If you enlarge this, you can see the web, I think. Otherwise, it sure is a blank canvas, right?

After you have put down the web, fold the back over and iron. Presto, it's all ready to go to the machine. Thanks, Kathy!! It's a keeper. (Click to enlarge)


Pokey said...

Great tip, I'll try this one. Thank you!
:-} pokey

FeatherDuster said...

That looks like a great alternative to pinning or basting (Uggghhh) How wide and long did you cut your strips, and how far apart did you space them?

Funoldhag said...

I just cut strips about 3/4" wide and 2 or three inches long. Had the layered sandwich on the ironing board, folded back one half of the top then laid the little strips on the batting. Unfold the top, smooth it out and iron it down. You might want to use one of those sheer pressing clothes or parchment paper over the piece. Turn it over and repeat for the back. My wallhanging was only about 20 x 24 so didn't need much and I was using wool batting and it really grips the cotton. I don't know if this would work on a large quilt. I will talk to Kathy about this when I see her next time.