Monday, December 21, 2009

Hannah's Gingerbread House

During the Christmas season of 1996, I went with Hannah and Sherry to Hannah's school where everyone was making gingerbread houses. My contribution was to make royal icing for the mortar to hold the houses together. Had never made it and it was surprisingly easy to do. The houses were made from kits. Here is Hannah's house amidst the building scraps and she is painstakingly putting the M & M's on her roof. I imagine quite a bit of the material that went into the cute little structures was taste tested before it was applied.

What a lovely little house! Mom and daughter are both looking very proud of their creation. What a "sweet" memory! (Click to enlarge)

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Karen said...

Now that is a beautiful gingerbread house! One day I will see if I can find the picture of the gingerbread house I made, may years ago. It's good for a laugh. :)