Monday, December 14, 2009

Making Totebags

Totebags have been underway this past week and a half or so. The first one is the same pattern as the paper pieced one I did a little earlier only much faster using strips of batiks and I think just as pretty. The bag is a nice size and went together easily.
This is an oriental fabric version of the big one I did last spring in batiks and it is equally as pretty. I still have to find a button for the flap. I am thinking of covering a large button form and using that. It's just for pretty since there is velcro holding the flap down. I still want to make one more bag but I can do that a little later. Have to finish a little shopping and get things wrapped up to get on the way to people I love! (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Wonderful tote bags. A perfect gift. My shopping is done and the gifts are half wrapped.

Jewels said...

Carol the bags are coming out great! I love the colors and materials - you girls are very lucky! Jewels

Leslie said...

I too love the bags and i think that they will make just wonderful gifts.