Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Mystery Quilt

A few days back, I posted a picture of this quilt and could not figure out where the block was and how it went together. Several of you left comments and sent e-mails. Today there was an e-mail from Pokey with this link to a blog which explains a lot -

It seems to be that this would be a very time consuming, though gorgeous quilt, with lots and lots of "y" seams to contend with. As pretty as I think it is, I don't think I will be trying to make it. I do thank everyone who took an interest in this. Maybe some one will decide to give it a try.


Jewels said...

Ugh - I could never do all those Y seams either Carol - lot's of other (less frustrating) things to try...Jewels

Leslie said...

Oh, no way, I am with you two Julie and Carol, too many quilts to make too little time.

barbara jean said...

I know you can do it Carol! We tried to figure it out at the embroidery group the other day but couldn't! We missed you, Carol. I hope you are feeling better.