Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Old Crazy Quilt Piece

I found this old crazy quilt piece in some of Ray's mother's things. It had to be an old pillowtop that had been taken apart. At one time, I am sure it was beautiful. The fabrics are mainly velveteen and the embroidery stitches are lovely, but the velveteen is worn and weak and the stitches broken and some of the floss is missing. One of the center pieces evidently had two painted flowers as a feature but they are almost gone.
The turquoise blue is very pretty and seems to have held up best of all. You can see how some of the stitching is just gone between the pieces.

Here is a part that probably was just lovely when it was new.
This shows the backing and more of the front. The fancy stitching here is very pretty. I have no idea who made this nor where Clemie got it. So many unknowns out there. Just thought you might enjoy this little piece of the past in the world of needleworkers. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Well you know me I just want to look at it and see all of the hand stitching. I am bringing my black and cream Christmas quilt to show and tell tonight. I sewed by hand all of the rick rack and if you can even believe it 4 grosses of glass scarlet beads on it. There are 144 pieces in a gross. If that isn't therapy I don't know what is, huh. lol See you tonight.

Vicki ♥ said...

I love finding things like this and it often makes me think about the one who sewed it. Its a shame it hasnt stood the test of time but you can see some lovely stitching there. Thanks for showing us :) hugs

Jewels said...

A Piece of the Past Carol - I love Crazy Quilting - another one of those things I would like to try (if ever there was time enough). Thanks for sharing. Jewels

Karen said...

Beautiful! One day I would like to make a Crazy quilt. It would be fun to do all the different stitches.