Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Favorite Christmas Pictures

Here is my favorite youngest granddaughter, Hannah Alice, all dressed up in a little dress I made for her mother many years ago. There were lots of little snowmen in the fabric. How cute.

And here is Miss Molly Rose all dressed for Christmas dinner. We were all dressed very casual as we are most of the time, and before dinner Molly slipped out and came back all dressed in this pretty dress, tights and red shoes. What an "OOOOOOOH" moment for me. She is my favorite middle granddaughter.

And here is my favorite oldest granddaughter, Norah Lee, all dressed in lovely jewelry from the jewelry tin that was at grandma's house and that they all loved. Lovely reminders of Christmas's Past. (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

Aren't the girls darling. My youngest is 15 yrs. old although it is still fun at Christmas, I don't hesitate to bring over the neighbors that are young to bake with me and chat. Don't you just love their spirit. Off soon to a swim meet tonight at Western High School, I wrapped all day yesterday. What a job.