Sunday, December 6, 2009

Those Joann Coupons

Don't those Joann coupons just burn a hole in your pocket? Seems almost like you have to use the darned things and it is so hard to find something not on sale already. A couple of days before I went to Kansas City I found this book -
and it is absolutely beautiful. The patterns are so very pretty and the quilt artist used batiks and regular fabrics in her blocks. I think they are splendid.
Even though I have done many different types of blocks in the many years I have been quilting and liked all of them, I have never found anything I love more than applique.

This quilt, although there is only one block of applique, is absolutely a stunner. The colors just scream out at me - and what a lovely bit of photography with the stones and the green hydrangeas. It's a mystery to me how I will ever get all the quilts made that are in my head -maybe I will have a senior moment and forget about them!! Just joshing! (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

I too bought this book, but i bought it in the summer and i just love it and dream of the day to use such warm batiks to make one or two of these quilts. I keep it by by night stand and look at it alot. I went to Detroit on Friday in the snow and yesterday to Fenton for Gar's first swim meet for Western High School. Today i sat and put on a flannel binding. It is so cold outside.

Karen said...

I like that book! Joann's you say. I will watch for that one.

Karen said...

I like that book! JoAnn's you say. I will watch for that one.