Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1933 Montgomery Ward Catalog Pages

I found these old pages at while I was searching for an idea for my guild challenge quilt for our quilt show the end of April. It's an interesting web site you might want to look over. Oh, and I love the shoes you can get for $1.00. For sure, the prices can't be beat.
Things from the 20's and 30's just fascinate me. What do you think of the little prints? Just like what Aunt Gracie does now but they cost a little more. Thought you might want to see these really sweet old ads.
(Click to enlarge)


joanne lendaro said...

Those are beautiful ads! Thank you for sharing. Love seeing the colors!

Leslie said...

fun ads, Carol, I think my grandma must have had her house dresses made from those fabrics. She loved to dress up but when she was home she always wore what she called her house dresses. It must be like our sweat pants or jeans now a days, huh.

Pokey said...

My husband is a graphic artist, and I am drawn to old ads and labels. These are pretty, you should frame them!