Friday, January 1, 2010

Fashion Friday

Yes, Norah, the previous picture of you and Miss Molly Rose was worthy of a Fashion Friday spot, but I think this is one is even more worthy! Our lovely little model, Norah Lee, is wearing dark pants, and a cute vee neck sweater over a striped blouse. Topping this ensemble is an absolutely wonderful ribbon hairbow and one of the cutest smiles around. Little Molly Rose is lovely in an adorable longsleeved pink dress that appears to have some embroidered smocking on the bodice and just a peek of some white tights. From the infectious grin on her little face, you can tell she is feeling beautiful! And a special note to Hannah Alice - you will be showing up on Fashion Friday soon!! xxxxxoooooxxxxx (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

How cute both the girls look, such nice memories. We all just got home from the cabin and the snowmobiles were just flying on the lake. I am glad that we do not own any of those, but i do like watching them from the window. I am working on a hexagon quilt and you are very, very correct to just make a table runner, it is a slow and long process to meke them and it is all by hand. I will watch Castle and the Mentalist while hand piecing those,huh! lol