Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion Friday

An e-mail from my brother containing nine more pictures - and some I don't remember seeing. One of those is this picture of Nan, our mother, and her pretty friend who is in quite a few of the Pearce pictures. First off, they are standing on railroad tracks and, of course, I wouldn't even venture to guess where they are. And, next, I love the expression of "haughtiness" on Nan's face. From the many pictures of the Pearce girls, they appear to be fun loving and seemed to have enjoyed their youth very much. Nan's friend is looking very pretty in a dark, long skirted suit embellished by a bit of jewelry and topped off by a big, wide brimmed hat. She carries a pretty little purse that could be one of those metal ones. Clad in a dark jacket and light color skirt that features a row of buttons above the hemline, Nan is looking sassy as she also wears a really cute hat and high button shoes. As usual, I wonder where they were! (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

Well Carol are you snuggled in and quilting today after the snow and cold. We started off to Detroit, El and I but we had to turn around right away. I am making a knitted messanger bag and enjoying the fireplace today. I hope that you have yours on :)