Monday, January 11, 2010

From Another Old Quilt

Here are some pictures of the old quilt I told you about in the previous post. Ray's mother, Clemie, embroidered the blocks which, as I said before probably came from the newspaper each week. I have a collection of state flower blocks that were from the paper and I actually have posted them all previously if you want to check back.
Clemie said that Ray's Grandma Barney made the quilt and did the quilting. While the old quilt is quite bland the quilting is just gorgeous. And the embroidery is well done, also. It is a big quilt and has some spots and stains not unlike many of the old pieces.
Here is an old hoot owl on a branch.

Just thought you might be interested in this old quilt. I would venture to say it probably was done in the late 30's but that is just a guess. Maybe I will get it out again and see if I can take a picture of the entire piece - the only thing is that it does not show up very well. It is still a sweet old quilt. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

That is a great quilt!

Leslie said...

How nice that they worked on it together. I have a friend that we get together and share fabrics with a theme and then we make a lap sized quilt using her and my blocks. Then we go our own way and finish them with our own style boarders and sashings and then do a show and tell with each other. It is tons of fun and these have been some of my favorite quilts.

Jewels said...

Carol - love this - maybe you can show me when I am over one day! See you Tuesday night! Jewels