Friday, January 8, 2010

A Laid Back Game of Cards

Hannah and I played gazillions of games of cards - Crazy 8s and Go Fish were the ones we played the most. No need to sit at the table, the couch worked out great for us. Grandpa must have taken this picture one day. I promised Hannah in an earlier post that she would show up on Fashion Friday - and here she is. Don't you just love her lacy little biker shorts or whatever they were? She was always her own girl when it came to clothes. The tight little shorts were her favorites, then later the sports pants with the stripes down the side were a wardrobe staple for her. One time when Sherry and I took her shopping trying to get her to get some jeans, her lament was that the jeans were "too blue". What a funny adorable little girl! And she still is. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Carol, you always bring back such good memories for me with your pictures. My grandma was very much a lady only wore dresses and always had purses and shoes to match before she went out. But.... when we played cards she would alway say a special word that my mom would always scold her for when we were playing with her. It use to make us just giggle with joy. Damnit -- can still make me laugh, she made it sound so very fun to say. lol

Norah said...

I believe this was the height of her "trailer trash" phase. xoxoxoxoxo