Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going to Sit and Sew After While

Today is our guild's day out to get together do some sewing and gabbing and just enjoying a day out. This is especially welcome at this time of year. I, for one, pretty much don't leave the house as much when it's cold or the weather is bad. Usually wait and combine chores so that I can do it all in one trip. Very little of running to fabric store just because or going to the mall "just to look around". Of course, part of it is that I'm older and shopping (except quilt related) is not the fun it used to be. And shopping for groceries is the pits! The good thing is that I enjoy all the things that I do here at home and time just flies by.

So, I enjoy Sit and Sew and this is what I am taking along today. The two little wallhangings will get buttons sewn on after I finish sewing down the binding on the two sides of each of them. I always do my bindings in four pieces instead of one big long one. That is how I have always done it but not many quilters do it that way. There are 63 buttons on each piece so that is a heckuva lot of buttons. What I don't get done by hand I will do on the machine later.
(Click to enlarge)


joanne lendaro said...

That is a ton of buttons! Don't forget to shar when you are done. I don't like shopping either, never have, so I hear ya!! Be safe today while you are out, and enjoy the company.

Karen said...

That sure is a lot of buttons!! Sit and Sew sounds like fun.