Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Have the Date Saved!

This was in my mailbox Tuesday - I had been expecting it. When I went over to my daughter's for dinner Sunday evening, they had received their card asking them to "Save the Date" on Friday. Well, mine didn't come until Tuesday - but I was pretty darned sure I was invited. This must have been caught up someplace for a few days. Molly and Doug are such a great couple - just right for each other. The big day will be August 14 of this year in Portland, Oregon, so there is another great wedding to look forward to and another family gathering in Oregon again. I am so very happy for Molly and her Doug! He is welcomed into our family with open arms and I know Molly is welcomed into his in the same way. (Click to enlarge)


joanne lendaro said...

Congratulations to both families! They make such a cute couple.

Pokey said...

So happy for the family addition!

Karen said...

How nice is that! They are a cute couple.