Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Sweet Little Quilt and a Sweet Little Girl

Here is number three (in order of appearance) granddaughter, Hannah, back in the 90's with a quilt she and I made. She spent quite a bit of time at our house and that was aokay with both her grandfather and me. Any time spent with the girls was time well spent. This must have been taken around Valentine's Day since there appears to be one on the mantle. And, I recognize that I probably still have some of that fabric downstairs! The piece that is black with the pink pattern through it is really a pretty piece of fabric from way back. Isn't it weird that you can see a pile of fabrics and immediately spot a piece that you have or have had?
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Jewels said...

What a sweet picture Carol - Hannah looks very proud - does she still have her quilt? Jewels

joanne lendaro said...

Hannah grew up to be a beautiful young lady. Thanks
for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I just left you my favorite quote on the
next blog. Be sure to read it!

Hannah said...

I think the braces were a good idea for me! :)
I remember making that quilt, it was a fun time! We will have to spend some time together this summer making some skirts.