Saturday, January 30, 2010

With Love on Your 21st Birthday, Hannah

Twenty-one years ago today, this sweet little baby girl was born and she was named Hannah Alice. In this picture, she is just a day old - give or take some hours. It was so much fun that they asked for clothing to dress the baby up for her first picture and added a sweet bow and flowers in her hair no less.
Now here she is - all grown up and twenty-one. This was taken a few hours ago when we were at lunch in Ann Arbor celebrating her big day. Sher, Barc, their best friends, Deb and Steve, and Hannah and I had a good time eating and watching Hannah open her gifts. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her and almost immediately everyone in the restaurant joined us with great gusto. When the song was finished, everyone applauded. Great moment! Hannah will be graduating from Michigan State this spring at the end of her junior year. The plans are in the works for her to go into the Peace Corps this fall. Our Hannah may be small in stature, but her dreams and goals are big, and she works diligently in the pursuit of those achievements.
So, my dear granddaughter, I love you and am very proud of you and I wish you great success in everything you do. Happy Birthday!!
(Boy, did I goof!!!! Norah has pointed out to her goofy old grandmother that Hannah will be graduating from the University of Michigan - not Michigan State. Of course, that is Norah's alma mater - so it's two to one for the girls with Molly being the Michigan State grad!
Accept my apologies, my pretties! xxxxxoooooxxxxx)


joanne lendaro said...

....and it happened overnight. Why do they grow up so quickly?

Happy Birthday Hannah, from New Hampshire. I think your grandma is one special lady.

Norah said...

{Cough cough UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN cough cough}

Glad you guys had such a wonderful lunch! Wish I could have joined but I'm sure we'll have some fun lunches/dinners together in the very near future!!


Norah said...

Totally accepted!! Love you!!!