Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday

Let's go back to 1968 in Topeka, Kansas, when Sherry was a junior at Topeka High. Here she is looking very cute and wearing a dress that I made her for a special dance - maybe prom? Now that I look back, I hope she enjoyed wearing what I made her. I guess I always wanted to do something special and didn't think that she might have wanted something that had been "storebought". This has a blue underdress with a white eyelet overdress open in the back and trimmed with ruffles and a big blue bow. She wore white sandles and gloves and earrings. Mighty pretty girl, our daughter - and she still is! (Click to enlarge)


Norah said...

I think I had a dress for my Cabbage Patch doll that was very similar!! We've always enjoyed wearing what you made us, by the way!

Love you!! xxxx00000xxxx

joanne lendaro said...

That is so sweet!! She looks just like a doll! What a great sis you are!

Funoldhag said...

Sherry called me this morning and asked me if I had received her e-mail. She could not get on even with anonymous - thought it might be her Mac. I want to share so here it is-----

Wanted to comment on your Fashion Friday but can't post!!

Loved the post, the dress and love you!!

They can make you feel so good, those kids of yours!