Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Friday

On this cold, winter morning in February, I thought you might like to look at a picture of some lovely ladies in their swimming attire. I am very confident that these outfits would have been the latest in style as the Pearce girls, Nelle and Nan, were always dressed very fashionably and their friends would be no exception. Nelle and Nan are on the left of the photo. The picture was probably taken at the Sionilli, the Pearce cottage up the Illinois River from Peoria. The fabric of the dresses looks as if it were still wet, giving a bit of the "wet t-shirt" look. My, how times have changed! I doubt if this style will ever return, don't you agree? (Click to enlarge)


Joanne Lendaro said...

LOVE Fashion Friday!! Thanks for the warm picture, it's really cute!

Leslie said...

Elle and I were in just an awful snow storm today to and from Detroit. We saw multiple accidents along the highway, even some involving ambulances. So..... a warm swimming photo from the past....what a welcome for days to come.

Jewels said...

I also like the head gear to! Jewels