Thursday, February 18, 2010

From One Thing to Another

I am like a flea sometimes - hopping from one project to another. About five years ago, I did a lot of crocheting and made a scad of long, skinny scarves that made up quickly and were fun to do working with the really cool yarn. All the girls got several scarves for Christmas and I think they are still wearing some of them. The picture above shows some of the scarves that I made.
I have that urge to crochet again so bought some bright yarns out at Michaels and have started doing some granny squares. Like eating potato chips.....the more I do the more I want to do. When, oh, when, will I quit wanting to do everything - everything, that is, except cleaning and cooking. I don't want the last thing I do on earth to be cleaning! I am making good headway on the little storybook challenge for our quilt show. And I am going to try and keep from starting anymore BOM's and will finish the two pretty ones that I have almost done. Behind two blocks on the Tisket a Tasket but those little blocks go pretty quickly when you finally get at them! Oh, me, oh my! How can a person ever be bored? End of lament. (Click to enlarge)

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Karen said...

Beautiful scarves Carol! Such fun yarns they have now. I love the bright granny squares. Maybe I should take out my crochet hook and get stitching! Bored! Never!!