Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Storybook Challenge for Quilt Show

This is what I designed on my EQ5 last week. I will be doing Nursery Rhymes and these little girls (and maybe a fellow) will play the parts of the characters. I have patterns printed out for the appliques shown and also three others that I could use. One that I have figured out is Jack and Jill and I think I definitely want those little kids. The little girl seated needs a spider on her block! As for the applique on the blue - I am pretty sure that I will change out the flowers - I love the look of the little circles and don't mind doing them but there would be 120 to go around and they are pretty small so I will find another pretty flower and make it easier. The reason the color isn't all that great in the above picture is that I printed it in draft - but you can get the idea.

Kind of a strange picture, but these are the backgrounds I will use for the blocks and some of the fabrics. I am not going to buy any fabric for this little piece - I am sure I have more than enough to make dozens of them. A little bit of the Kaffee Fassett fabric will go into the clothes and the rest will be batiks. I am showing the left side of the book as blue but I think it will be black as in the pattern and will have lettering on it. Will keep you posted. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Just wonderful, Carol. How neat that you got inspired to get out your computer program and design this challenge piece on it. Nursery Rhymes and Fables are always a favorite for children. When I taught I always tried to give my students a story and a poem a day. Believe me they got use to it and held me to it, sometimes the poem was while we were lining up to go home for the day. lol

Karen said...

Such a sweet pattern you designed and I love the fabric you have selected. My sister recently purchased EQ6 and is slowly learning how to use it.