Thursday, March 18, 2010

9-Patch Wallhanging

Three or four years ago, I did this wallhanging using a beautiful piece of floral print that was probably fifteen years old.

The pattern is above and it was taken from the book 9-Patch Pizzazz. It was pretty fast and fun to do. Again, this is another of the first pieces that I machine quilted. Most of the times I used the invisible thread since it hides such a multitude of mistakes. (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Oh that is fun, I love the way that you outlined and followed the lines on the leaves and flowers. I would bet that it looks great on the back as well. Today and tomorrow we go to Detroit, Elle has a special tryout with a Russian pair partner. His got injured and is very good and is in need of a new partner very fast. Elle is one of 3 that is trying out with him. He is tall enough for her and they look very nice together with their long body lines. It was a very nice day for traveling and we enjoyed the ride together.

Karen said...

Oh I like that! Very different. Very Pretty.