Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Backing for a Quilt

I have had this appliqued top lying around for probably close to two years and I want to have it quilted. It's not a really big quilt but it is very colorful and I do like it a lot. I had spotted this fabric at Joann's a long time ago and have contemplated buying it for a backing but just never got the job done. Yesterday when I was over there, I looked at it again and thought it would probably be just perfect but should have brought along an extra block that didn't get into the top. The fabric is $9.00 a yard - that's the same as in a quilt shop but the difference here is the 40% off coupon. Lots of the time fabric is 30% off and you can't use the coupon on top of that.
So I did it - bought enough for the backing and binding and I know I probably got too much but I have three blocks I did not use in the top so could do something with them. When I got home and put them together - I thought they looked smashing! The colors are like hues and really blend together. I am glad I bought it - I think it's perfect. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Very, very smashing! Just perfect!

Leslie said...

Oh I think that it is perfect also. What a great buy. Why don't you use the last 3 blocks for a table runner. That is what I always do with my left overs. Just put on sashing and a boarder and an instant table runner. How much fun is that. :)

joanne lendaro said...