Monday, March 1, 2010

Doll House

Back in the early seventies, miniatures were very much a hobby for many people and Ray and I were no exception. He loved to work with anything along that line especially being such an avid model railroader, which is a whole other post one of these days. This is what was done to an old stereo cabinet. Divided into four rooms, we furnished and decorated the interior of our "doll house". In this room, the little sewing machine was purchased and I needlepointed the rug. Ray made the trunk and used black elastic for the trim strips.
Ray made all the furniture and I did the curtains, rugs, bedding, etc. In this little kitchen, the floor is popsicle sticks that he glued down piece by piece. I found the little kitten and the bucket of spilled milk at a store that had a ton of miniatures. These pictures probably won't enlarge like the digital ones and that is too bad. Give it a try, though.

In the living room, upholstery fabric is the carpeting, jewelry findings are picture frames and sconces. Two pearls and a metal base make the lamp.

The little bathroom furnishings were purchased, of course. And you could buy miniature wallpaper. All of the furnishings are still packed away in the basement, but the house itself is long gone. However, there is a beautiful big doll house in my basement that we never furnished and tons of great things to put in it packed away in a big box on the shelf. Ray had some really nice dremel tools that he used to make the pieces and he enjoyed doing that so much and did a great job, also. I am sure I never will complete it but hopefully one of the girls will one day. I have been going through old albums and when I find a photo of that I will post it. Enjoy our little house.


Karen said...

Such a lovely house!

Leslie said...

How wonderful! You both did such a great job. Leif and I made one for Elle when she was 4 years old and kept it in her darling bedroom for her to play with. Then when Franks Nursery was going out of business we purchased one of their terrific doll house put together kits. We never had enough time with having a busy family to put it together. When Janet, next doors husband passed suddenly I brought the kit and all of the things that we had purchased over to her and told her she may like putting it together. She paid us for it, but i really didn't want $. So with great style she worked and worked on it. She said that she would work most nights very late on it instead of sleeping due to loneliness and told me some years later that it was the best money that she never spent on therapy. Doll houses are fun aren't they. Elle's is covered in plastic in the garage, just can't part with it and it is worn with love.

Norah said...

OH the memories!!! Especially the cat and spilled milk and the little magazine rack. Were there no thimble trash cans in this one? Thanks for posting this!!


Leslie said...

Norah, the thimble trash can is so funny because I just showed my Elle your grandmas post and she reminded me of how infactuated she was about the tiny little toilet paper roll that was in her miniture bathroom. They really are fun aren't they.

Pokey said...

Carol, your doll house is precious. You decorated and filled each room so nice! I always wanted to do one, and loved visiting friends who had them.