Monday, March 29, 2010

Fashion Friday, Fashionably Late

I forgot Fashion Friday!  So I will post  this picture of Molly, my middle granddaughter, and her friend, Angie, when they came over to our house one day proably the first summer we were living in Michigan.  I have about three old dresses saved in the basement and they had great fun trying them - each one tried on all three of them.  In this picture, Molly is looking lovely in the salmon colored taffeta dress I wore as my sister's maid of honor.  Angie is wearing my toast satin wedding suit.  Molly will be getting married in August this year so it will be a trip to Portland to celebrate the her wedding to Doug.  So looking forward to that wonderful time.  

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Quilting Queen said...

Young ladies, both of them. I do remember (vaguely) what fun it was to dress up. I envy you grand children.