Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Cake is Gone

The last two weekends, I have baked cakes from scratch. I usually don't make that many in two years or more. I made a red velvet cake for dessert for Easter dinner. That cake has been a tradition in our family at birthdays and special gatherings for forty or so years and everyone loves it. Then this Sunday I went over to my daughter's to have dinner with her and Barc who just turned 61! Last year on his 60th, we were all together in Portland to celebate but this was a much quieter year. I told Sher I would make a cake - and I made a chocolate sheet cake which I hadn't made in a long, long time. It's a great recipe - sometimes called Texas sheetcake and probably many other names for it. By the time you get the frosting on it, we're talking three sticks of butter in the entire recipe. Of course, it's a great tasting cake!!!! Anything with that much butter is yummy!

There being only three of us for that cake, I brought a sizable chunk home in my pan (Sher got out of washing it that way!) and I was going to freeze it. Did I? No. And, I am ashamed to say, I just finished eating it so now it is no longer drawing me to the kitchen to cut off a little piece. Do you suppose if you just cut off a little piece about an inch by three inches that reduces the calories a lot? Only if you only do that maybe twice a day. And last week I had some of the red cake which seemed to evaporate also.
I do console myself that I am getting so old that I should eat pretty much what I want (not go overboard, though!) and not be on a perpetual diet. Food does taste different as you age, but what tastes good tastes really good - like cake! It's the same with housework anymore, I have become so good at not worrying about things being dustfree and shiny. What is important is to feel good for which I thank the good Lord and to enjoy life, my family, and the things I do.

In case you would like to try this cake, I just scanned the recipe from the cookbook I made in '96.
You will need to (click to enlarge) the recipe to read it. I should have put it in larger. There is one thing I want to add and that is the size of the pan. I use what I think is called a jelly roll plan which is quite large and has a raised side all around. I think it would be great to use the large cake pan - 10 x 13 or whatever size that is and bake it longer. Don't use just a regular cookie sheet like I have mentioned in the recipe. Or you can always look it up on the internet and see what they say. Isn't the internet wonderful for recipes?


Karen said...

That sounds yummy, but I think I put on five pounds just reading the recipe!

FeatherDuster said...

I can never leave cake un-eaten.

Leslie said...

My Gar always says when you make me a cake mom all I can think about is the cake!!! Sounds like he is a Carol in training, huh. However he is 6'4" and 15 and has lots of room to put many cakes on his body. lol

Jewels said...

Oh Carol - I can just see you snarfing down that lovely cake in your kitchen (haven't we all done it) and yes I like to think the smaller the piece the fewer calories, but lets face it I may as well just apply it directly to my hips cause that's where it is headed anyways LOL - fortunately either my husband takes care of it for me or I take it to work cause I just can't have it around...Jewels