Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion Friday

This was taken in 1976 on the occasion of my 30th high school reunion in Chillicothe, Illinois.
Ray and I were dressed up to go to the banquet on Saturday night. Ray is looking handsome in his light colored leisure suit and dark printed shirt. He had quite a few leisure suits and wore them to work all the time. I am dressed in a green and white knit long skirted dress with a great white necklace and earrings. Still have those! And look how close to God I was with my high hair. I think I mentioned the saying that was on an old picture stating "The higher the hair, the closer to God". I think I qualify for that quote. This would have been taken about the time I first got into quilting. Long, long ago.


Pokey said...

You both look adorable! I always thought my Momma was pretty, with her hair so high. You painted a happy memory for me with this one, Carol. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

What a happy looking couple. I love Ray's smile. You look wonderful. I would have guessed 20 year reunion, not 30. What a change hair has made over the years. I wonder if the big dos will ever come back. No one has a perm now and everyone did at one time. I love your looking back posts.

Sue said...

I love your quote!

You are quite a lovely lady! This is such a great photo and I always enjoy seeing photo like this:)

You have a wonderful weekend!

joanne lendaro said...

What a great picture!! LOVE your hair, very fashionable! Thanks for making my Friday morning!

Momma Made This said...

Thanks for sharing, Carol. You and your husband look very happy and ready to party!

~ Ronda

Norah said...

Ha ha!! I never knew Grandpa was a leisure suit kinda guy. That is fantastic!!

Love you!