Monday, April 5, 2010

From my Needlepoint Days

In one of the big plastic storage boxes in the basement, I found a big box which contained many skeins of needlepoint yarn. I was not too neat with my floss and yarn then and and have not mended my ways. This project as from 1979. I was totally into needlepoint and made many, many pillows pictures, vests, etc. Quilting was new to me at that time and had not taken over my life yet.

This picture was in an issue of McCall's Needleworks and Crafts Fall 1979 issue. I was fascinated by all the flowers, trees and really great house. It actually is done in embroidery and not needlepoint, but I figured I could adapt it. I don't remember how I got the markings on the canvas - whether I did it or had my son draw a picture and then I traced it on the canvas. Regardless, you just needed the shape and form of the objects since the stitches would give the dimension and texture.

In this picture you can see how I was laying the garden in. Earlier in my blog, I posted a picture of a needlepoint similar to this that I had done in the same manner. However, this one is a lot more ambitious than the earlier one.

This little bunch of flowers looks kind of neat, I think. I really loved doing this and don't know why I set it aside. Probably the quilting was taking over.

Two more little unfinished flower clusters. The top one is part of a path in the picture.

Evergreen trees by the porch - there were going to be more of those. Even more flowers and a climbing rose.

I had already signed it.

The birdbath in front of a wall covered with vining flowers.

I really like the hollyhocks - the whole picture would have been quite pretty if it had been finished. Just thought you might enjoy seeing one of my UFO's. I don't think I am the only one who has projects tucked away unfinished - seems to be a common thing for people who love to create things. One day other folks will be thrilled to find all the old things hidden away. (Click to enlarge)


Jewels said...

Carol - this is beautiful! I'm sorry it became a UFO (I'm one to talk though).... this has all come back "in style" as you know - maybe some lucky person will finish it for you! Jewels

Leslie said...

I too have a black embrodery work in progress that was going to cover a well worn foot stool of my great grandmothers that my mom just loves. Oh well, we are not perfect.

Karen said...

So pretty! The detail is wonderful.