Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Library Grows

More applique books - and two more on the way. When you can get such good prices and free shipping it's so nice to add books that have caught your eye. I know I have told you that I order from a lot and have been for years. There is free shipping on orders over $50 and they have great prices. Plus, you can look at pages inside the books and that often reverses your decision that you want to buy that particular book. Of course, it also can really make you want it more. I also order batting from them when they have it on sale. I have done a little ordering at Amazon and have two books coming from them.

Then there are my books of my blogs. I am so happy with them and, so far, this is what I have. Funoldhag has been ordered in three parts - from the start in May of 2008 until the end of the year. Then I ordered the first six months of 2009 and the last six months of 2009. Pieces of the Past was started sometime in the middle of 2009 so I have that until the end of December. From now on as long as I am blogging, I will order each of them every six months. Someday, if my family wishes, they can have more copies made for anyone who would like to have them. Doing a blog takes time, but it is time that is thoroughly enjoyable and I am so glad I started.
Now I had better go get things for my depleted larder - that is not any fun at all!! I'd rather be blogging or quilting. (Click to enlarge)


Janet said...

I am a Connecting Threads fan too. Their material is very nice for the price too. Books and more books---that is what I have. I will never get everything made, but I love to look at them. What a neat idea to order copies of your blog.

Leslie said...

The blog archieves thing is so very neat. I am meeting with the girls that we are going to Paducah with today to finalize our adventure. I wish you were going, you are tons of fun to be with but you have a busy spring with your grand daughters graduation and so on. I hope that i can send you pictures from Kentucky while we are there so you can see it as we are. Leif said he will help me if I send them from my Camera phone and then he will forward them to you.

Karen said...

Wonderful applique books! I have the Piece O'Cake one.