Monday, April 19, 2010

A Postcard

A couple of days ago, I added my blog's name to a list on Beth's blog and didn't realize actually what the list was for. Actually if you signed up, you should post a postcard on your own blog which I didn't do. So, Beth, I am posting this cute little old card that was actually sent to my husband by his Aunt Ella way back in 1929 when he was three years old. Aunt Ella was a very prim and proper looking lady and she had a special way to do her makeup - but first you younger girls should know that rouge (or blush as it's called now) came in small compact like cases with a little round flat puff. Aunt Ella would take the little puff and rub it on the rouge then round and round on each cheek in a circle the size of a silver dollar or a little larger. I don't think anyone would have ever been able to tell her she should tone it down, even her two daughters who were very classy.

So if I sign up for anymore lists, I will know what to do. And, Beth, I enjoy your blog and love the name of it!


joanne lendaro said...

Carol, you are too funny! Love the postcard, and I've seen the "rouge" look! Thanks for sharing your special memories!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Carol--that is darling! You are such a sweet lady! I hope you will find another postcard next Friday and join us--this postcard is lovely and I LOVE your story. I did NOT know that! This postcard and your story are just delightful. ((hugs))