Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Odds and Ends

Q2, our guild, is having it's annual show weekend after this and this year one of the features will be a blind auction. I will be donating this wallhanging for the auction. I don't think I have posted a picture of it so here it is. This is actually the second one I did like this and I'm sure most of you will recognize that it came from a book that was out a few years ago and which I can't remember who wrote it. Lovely book, though, and a fun quilt to do. This is all oriental prints which I love.
We also have a bazaar which is absolutely widely popular with our attendees. It has really done a lot to augment our bank account. Magazines, books and fabric are very well received. I spent a lot of the weekend in the basement going through my stash and bagging up some of it. Of course, I didn't make too much of a dent in what I have but at least will get some of it to a new home. If I have to use up all my fabric before I leave this earth, I should make it to at least 150!
I have also been finishing up two wallhangings that I started last year and will have in the show. When they are done, I will post their pictures. I am sewing the little button embellishments on Tisket A Tasket and finishing the quilting on the one with the bright appliqued flowers.

And isn't this absolutely gorgeous? The colors are electric and I love the oranges, pinks, hot pinks - sooooo pretty. I had a call from the local florist Monday morning saying they had a delivery for me and would I be home. I would be home - but it wasn't my birthday - no holiday - who would be sending me flowers? When they came they were from Bill and Ann, my son and his wife, with love for Mother's Day a little early. I called to let them know how gorgeous they were, but no one was home. Later, Bill called me. The reason they sent them early was they were close to being able to get free airline tickets and decided they would send the flowers to qualify for their tickets. I love it! And I love them, too. Took pictures of the bouquet and sent them one so they could see how pretty they are. Now you can enjoy seeing them, too.
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Momma Made This said...

Carol, this quilt is GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing a photo!

~ Ronda

Sue said...

What a gorgeous quilt! That looks complicated to me.

I love the bouquet of flowers and how thoughtful of your son and his wife. Aren't children just the best?

Love your blog! You are an inspiration

Pokey said...

How thoughtful is your son and wife? I so love the colors, my wedding colors were these, yellow, pink and orange! Boy, that was a long time ago...!

Exuberant Color said...

After seeing all of those packages of fabric it gives me an idea. Package up groups that I like together and take one out on the first of every month and make something out or it (or give it away). I doubt I could make myself stick with it though.

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers Carol! And look at all the bags of fabric!! I wish I could attend the auction. Such an excellent quilt! I love Asian fabric.

Quilting Queen said...

Hi Carol...I love the Oriental gorgeous. And flowers! pretty and what a nice day that made for you. So glad you shared...gave me a warm and fuzzy and we all need them now and then.

Janet said...

I definitely have a SABLE stash. SABLE stands for "stash accumulated beyond life expectancy. I really think as long as we have fabric it will keep us going. lol Great idea to bag it up. I'm sure I would buy some if I could. Lovely flowers--you have thoughtful kids.