Saturday, May 15, 2010

Antique Crazy Quilt

In connection with our guild meeting Tuesday night which was a program on embellished quilts, I brought along an old crazy quilt I bought at an antique show in Peoria in the 1980's.
The fabrics are wools and some crepelike pieces and all the embroidery is done in yarn. Some of the yarn is broken where it has been folded. I have no idea how old it is, but the fabric on the back looks very old. It is not bound and there are a couple of holes in it. However the embroidery is beautiful - very even and very nicely done. When you enlarge the pictures, you can see how pretty it is.

I also brought along this old piece of crazy quilting that I found in Ray's mother's things. It appears to have been a pillow and feel sure that it had a lot of velvet pieces. However, it has been really used and the nap is mostly worn from the fabric. The embroidery is pretty on this one, also, and I think there was a painting of a flower in the middle of the piece. At a later date, I will post some more pictures of some of the examples shown. It was a nice program. Don't forget to (click to enlarge)


Pokey said...

I've never seen a crazy quilt feature a pieced design in each square, like the star here. Very interesting.

Barb said...

What wonderful quilts, thanks for showing.

Karen said...

Crazy quilts are wonderful. I just started reading a book about them.