Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cogs and Gears

Aren't these beautiful? What great color choices for the class taught by Carolyn on Friday.
I would give credit where credit is due, but I am not sure about which is which.

One great group of cogs and gears after another.
There was a lot of tracing and a lot of cutting and, for those of us who were paperdoll addicts, it was right up our alleys. An amazing choice of fabrics and backgrounds and an amazing display of blocks. There should be some very pretty pieces come from this class.
I love my polka dot background but almost went back to the black with the smaller dots. However, I have decided to go with it and think it looks pretty good albeit a bit busy. These pictures are just to help me decide which layout. Half of the blocks shown. The first one is a snaky finish and could be laid out several ways. The extra pieces are just things I laid out where the seams meet. That is a possibility.
This layout is one that I have used on New York Beauty quilts and it seems to work pretty well, also. For the binding, I plan to use a multicolored pieced strip. Since we are supposed to have the onset of a heatwave today (88!) I plan to get this all together and maybe even do some quilting. I am certainly not ready for temps almost 90 degrees! This old hag is a cool weather gal and I especially don't like it going from the cooler than usual weather to hotter than hades in such a short time and for the first time. I read an article that said this will be like going from the end of March right to July. And it is supposed to hang around. I haven't bought any flowers yet since just last week or week before that we were having frost every night. Oh, well, I am sure there will be some flowers left for me when I get there, and I have my ac to keep me cool and in good humor inside. In Kansas and Illinois, my planting was always done about the first of May if not a little before (there were times things had to be covered, though) but this isn't Kansas and most people plant around Memorial Day which used to be May 30th, right? So, stay cool out there if you are in the heatwave! (Click to enlarge)


Barb said...

Do you blanket stitch around them? Just love those gears...

Chartreuse Moose said...

Interesting concept! You cut like paperdolls...or snowflakes? Right up my alley, think I'd like that! Yep, frost/freeze warnings last week...close/sticky and 80's to 90's here too...I'm with you...rather have cool! Better for quilting too! ;-)))

Leslie said...

Oh Carol, I love those. It looks like Carolyn had a great class and idea that stimulated creativity. What a nice selection of classes we have had for Q2 this year. I wish that on Tuesdays and Fridays I wasn't in Detroit. However, I am fortunate to have a daughter that is getting such a wonderful oppotunity to live her dream as a figure skater. "Got a safe car and fabric and thread in a bag and I will get her there each week with a smile on my face, for however long this journey lasts!"

Karen said...

Fun!!! Just like paperdolls. I love all the cogs and gears. It is way too hot for this time of year, but my garden is calling me. I will just have to follow the shade around.

Momma Made This said...

These are so fun to look at! And I see that I'm far behind on keeping up with your blog; you have so much going on! I'm so impressed!!!

(And stop complaining about the heat... it's chilly here and I'm huddled under a WOOL quilt!!!)

: D

~ Ronda