Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Friday

In all of the activity last week, I completely forgot Fashion Friday, but here is a picture of Dan and Maggie and their friends, Sherm Hunt and wife, for this week's photo. The occasion, I believe, was a long trip taken by the two couples. I have no idea where they were posing but they all look splendid. Dan, on the right, is wearing his hat at a very jaunty angle and the chain to his pocket watch is showing on his vest. He has a cigar in his hand in a lot of the pictures, but I don't think he is holding one this time. Sherm, as is Dan, is dressed in a nice dark suit and hat and tie. The ladies, Maggie and Mrs. Hunt, are looking very pretty in their very fashionable outfits. Maggie stands next to Sherm on the left. She is wearing a darling hat with a very pretty plumb. Mrs. Hunt is clad in a lovely outfit, also, and wears a dark hat to complete her ensemble. Both ladies are carrying gorgeous bouquets--I wonder what they were all celebrating. The old pictures really bring up things to think about and wonder about where they were, what they were doing, etc. Hope you enjoy these old photos. (Click to enlarge)


Janet said...

The flower bouquets make the photo really very interesting. What was the occasion? hmmmmmm
I love hats in old photos. Why can't we wear hats? I want to wear hats and look so fashionable. We are just a t-shirt and jeans society now. Maybe that is easier. :)

Quilting Queen said...

I love your "old" family was not into pics of any kind and I regret not having some of my mom and dad...I live vicariously through don't stop..

joanne lendaro said...

Maggie and Dan look like they are ready for the photo, and Sherm looks like he's just having a good time, and poor Mrs. Hunt...something must have caught her attention as she is looking down and does not appear to be happy with her findings!! How funny!! Carol thanks for the fun pictures, I love seeing them!

Have a great weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day. HOpe you get to spend time with your fantastic family!