Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Friday

This is Betty and her little girl, Liz Ann. Betty was the young sister of Aunt Della, who married my mother's brother, Harry aka Ham. Betty and Della's mother died when Betty was still in elementary school and my aunt and uncle took her and raised her. This picture probably was taken in the early fifties and Betty wears a lovely summer frock, pearls and earrings, and cute hat.
Liz Ann is all dressed up for something - maybe a dance recital. She is wearing ruffled pantaloons and a darling dress with a scalloped finish around the hem. Such a pretty white collar and ruffled trim on her sleeves. It may have been a ballet recital since her shoes look so soft. A pretty ribbon choker completes her outfit. It is so evident that she feels just as pretty as she looks! (Click to enlarge)

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