Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy is

driving me up the wall tonight! And it is two hours long! I can't turn it off and I can't sit and watch it. I have to find out how it ends but I keep getting up and coming in here where I can still hear it, but then going back to the living room to see what is going on. I am just not made for all that suspense, gore, etc. Wow, what a season finale. Who will be left?


FeatherDuster said...

Oh wow....wasn't that a heavy-duty show? I was on computer while it was on, so partially distracted, but wow it was emotional and heavy. I actually felt pretty drained by the time it was over. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I'd sat there and concentrated entirely on it. :O But really, I think one of the best season finales of any show I've seen--that show or any other.

lesthook said...

It was suspenceful! Had to tape it for my daughter so probably will watch it again.

Momma Made This said...

It was intense! I stitched on my new quilt during commercials, and nearly bent my needle in half during the show!

~ Ronda