Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Old Quilttop

After we had moved to Michigan, there was an sale in the house across the street from us. When I went over to the sale, I found a box with some old fabrics which I didn't really look through very well but paid $5.00 for the box. This was in that box. Obviously, someone had no idea that there was anything worthwhile in the contents. I have no idea how old this is, but the fabrics really do appear to be older. No matter - it is a lovely old top and I should have it quilted one day. For the past few years, I have taken this and another old top that was given to me by an old classmate to our show to be used to cover the tables at the door.

Don't forget to click each picture to enlarge if you would like to see the blocks closeup. Aren't digitals cameras just awesome!! I have another old quilttop out to take to guild tonight that ties into the program--will photograph that and post pictures of that in my next post. It's pretty awesome, too.


Momma Made This said...

Thanks for sharing these, Carol. They are lovely, and I'm glad that they are being treasured now rather sent off to a garage sale. I'm just now catching up on blogs, and I truly appreciate all the nice comments you've left for me on mine.

~ Ronda

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Carol--how lovely. I like the way you took these pictures. Very beautifully done.

Leslie said...

Hey, looks like the football player and the lady from home and garden network neecy nash are off the dancing show. That leaves us Erin Andrews, Evan the figure skater and the singer Nicole. Who do you think will win? lol Good meeting tonight huh :)

Karen said...

A wonderful quilt top Carol, you must get it quilted.

FeatherDuster said...

What a lucky find that was.
I hand-quilted a set of blocks from about the same time frame as those. The fabrics were wonderful to stitch through.