Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Quilt Show Continued

I was able to get to our show on Sunday afternoon before it was closed and did get a chance to take some more pictures. This top one is so pretty and I think it was featured in a magazine. I also think I know who made it, but don't want to make an error. It's a beauty.
These two were done by Kathy - who has absolutely mastered the beauty of machine quilting. Her work is incredible. The little hanging below is the one she did in the class I taught on machine buttonhole applique a few months ago. Glorious. Her colors are wonderful. To the left, you can get a glimpse of a gorgeous applique quilt that took best of show in Bay City, our neighboring town, just weekend before our show. Another masterpiece.

We had so many quilts they had to do some creative hanging. This lovely going around a corner is Leslie's and it is wool and hand buttonhole appliqued. What a gorgeous quilt it is. A lovely bargello is one one side and a sampler quilt with embroidered centers in the blocks that is really eyecatching. Janna, the one who supervises the hanging of the quilts, has an eye for color and coordination and really gets it right when putting the quilts together. She has done it every year and always does a masterful job.

This little cutie is Amanda, and, I think, our youngest member - if not, than one of the youngest.
She made this incredible scrap quilt that has over 8000 pieces in it in the form of little triangles forming little squares. Amazing! It's so nice having her in our guild - she's a joy.
Now you have a little idea of some of the work done by our members. If you would like to see more, find the little yellow duck on the sidebar to the right, click on it and go over to Pass the Tiara, the guild blog that Julie and I have going. There is a slide show that you can click on and go to Flickr where the pictures I took are posted. It was a great show and the most successful one we have had out of seven. (Click to enlarge)


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my goodness--what beauty. What talent!

joanne lendaro said...

Thanks for taking the time to share all of the beautiful quilts!!

Karen said...

Lovely quilts. I just love Amanda's!