Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Things Old, Some Things New

From the old cedar chest - this is a piece of redwork I bought at a flea market in Germany when I was there about 8 or 9 years ago. I am not sure what it is, but it is fairly long and just has the embroidery on one end along with a fringe trimming. I don't know what it says!, but it is very prettyFour cute potholders, especially the dress. Can't remember where I got them, but they are so cute. Not place for displaying them in my little kitchen, but maybe one day one of the girls will love these also.

This, and the picture below, are from Ray's mother's things. She had pinned a note to it saying "This belonged to my mother". I don't think that her mother embroidered it, but really can't say that with absolute certainty. It is all done in a chain stitch.
The rest of the piece - it is very pretty. As with the first redwork, I don't know what this one was for. It is too large for a pillow.
I do know about this little piece - it is something I did fifty years or more ago and is stamped cross stitch. It was framed and hung in my kitchens for a long time, but finally I took it out of the frame and used the frame for something else. Fun to look through the old things.

On to the new - I was looking at someone's blog the other day and she was talking about a foot that shirred or gathered ruffles. I have seen some darling quilts made with the ruffles. One of our guild members just made one in blues. My Bernina did not come with that attachment. I entered a phrase in the search box that I thought would send me to a site that had these little gadgets. Bingo! I found one. The attachment wasn't too expensive - with shipping and all it was a little over $20. That's not too much for a new toy. It was here in less than three days. So, I have done some ruffling!
Once you get your strips prepped, it's amazing how fast and perfect the foot does the ruffling. It takes some time to do the edges of the strips, but it's not that bad. I just did a close zigzag along each edge. I searched for how to do a ruffled quilt and did find instructions for one done on a Babylok serger so that gave me guidelines on sizes, etc. Don't you just love the internet?
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Sue said...

I love your post today. All that red and white is so pretty.

I have been wanting to get the ruffler foot for my Bernina too. Now, I know what to do with it for quilts! Thank you ;)

Have a great week!

janet said...

I love looking through all of the old stuff, such fun! And I've never seen a ruffled quilt, looks like it will be very cute.

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thanks for the memories! Ahhh, ruffles...don't ya love 'em? Have seen quilters making "Frilly Dilly Bags" and thought a mother/daughter set might be cute! Now I've inspiration to tackle them!

Beth Niquette said...

What beautious things! I especially loved the little crochetted dress--I have one nearly like it--red and white, which was made by my great great Grandma Bray. She was the neatest lady. I loved her and she loved me. (grin)

Leslie said...

Oh the colors that you chose are perfect and lively. Julie O.found the original one at a going out of business sale and brought it to show at a meeting a few years back. I just loved it when I saw hers. If you can't remember it I am sure she will share it with you again. It was wonderful. I love the way that you pieced your backgrounds. You always have such a eye for design. I agree a tote bag would be just great with the ruffles. How about in batiks. lol

Jewels said...

Heh Carol - you know I LOVE the red and white potholders - SA WEEET! Leslie's right - remember the quilt I brought the B took to try and replicate (she had the dardnst time). Look forward to coming over and seeing how yours turned out in person! Jewels

Anonymous said...

Larry just translated your piece: Go on your life's way and forever only encounter happiness.
What a lovely collection!

Funoldhag said...

Anonymous Jean - Thank you so much for the translation! I had tried to find out by going on the web for translation, but could not make much sense out of it. That is so cool! Are you Jean at Q2? :-)

Karen said...

I love all the cedar chest treasures and what a great foot! Love the ruffles!