Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Hot for May

After I got my haircut late this morning, I decided to stop and start buying some flowers for my patio containers and also hanging baskets. There is this feeling that I am way late and really I'm not - most people don't plant here in Michigan until after Memorial Day. Even planting at that time, you still might have to cover everything up at least once. However, I doubt if anything is going to have to be covered around here at least in the immediate future! It is way too hot for May. And, as I probably have said before, I am not a fan of hot weather at all. I got so hot looking at the plants under the plastic roof that it was no fun! So I will have to make some more trips to get more plants and potting soil.
I found these gorgeous double cascade petunias that should be good for pots or hanging baskets. I also bought a flat of sweet allysum that I always love with it's dainty white flowers and two pots of pretty yellow daisy like flowers that I thought would be so pretty with the pink and/or purple. The rest of the purchase today was the beautiful big hanging basket of Hawaiian bridal veil shown first in the post that has such delicate little white flowers. I discovered years ago in Illinois that you can pinch off some of the stems, poke a hole in the wet soil of a pot or basket of flowers, put the stems in and firm the soil around them and they won't even wilt. They will take root and grow nicely over the side for a lovely, lacy piece of greenery with little white blooms.


Karen said...

Pretty Carol. It almost feels like the middle of summer.

joanne lendaro said...

Your flowers look great! Take it easy, and watch the heat, it can get to you sooner than you know. Looking forward to seeing more of your plantings!