Saturday, May 29, 2010

Working on my Planting

With the onset of some early hot weather, it has been really different trying to get my plants and get them in the pots. I do not do heat well - and I know I have said that before - and find it almost impossible to work in the hot sun. I would rather be all bundled up in a heavy sweatshirt. Since all my gardening is done mainly on my patio, it is in the sun all morning and lots of the afternoon, so, unless it is cool or cloudy or really early in the morning, I just don't do my planting until evening. (Early in the morning is another thing I am not good at! I don't sleep late, but I don't get serious until after ten o'clock, at least. Any appointments I make for anything are always in the afternoon. I am much more likeable then!) However, on Thursday I did go during the morning to three nurseries and picked up some plantings. Then yesterday it was on to K-Mart where I found more, plus two nice hanging basket mandevillas that were half price. I think those will go in the pots on each side of the patio door.
The mandevilla is above - it's a red one.
Thursday evening I planted the long pot I have on my front stoop. Left out the impatients this year since the deer loved those so much. They didn't touch the New Guinea impatients so I hope they have not developed a taste for those over the winter.

I bought a pretty hanging basket of NG impatients and planted them in the pot between the bushes under the window. Added some sweet allysum and a pretty star jasmine (I think) so that should be pretty. Used the Miracle Gro soil with the fertilizer in it and that should get them up and filling in shortly.
Last evening, I did some by the patio. This one hangs on the privacy fence. There were some great scented geraniums that I bought. Reminds me of the ones that my dad planted. I also found some bushy little delphiniums and have one here and a couple in the pot coming up. Sweet allysum is in this, also, and it should be pretty when things get growing. Right now it is pretty "green".
Another with a scented geranium, petunias, allysum and another trailing plant. Still have five or six pots to go and will work on them this evening. In addition to the heat, my knee has been acting up, the old back aches from bending over and I huff and puff sometimes. I guess it's true what they say - old age is not for sissies! But, I have been and still am very fortunate and at least I am able to get out and buy my pretty plants and get them planted even though not as quickly as I could some years ago. There's no hurry anyway! (Click to enlarge)


joanne lendaro said...

YOu are absolutely right...there is no hurry, it can wait. What you have done looks wonderful, certainly sounds like you are enjoying the process, and isn't that what it's really all about? Hugs!!

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers Carol! And, it's hard to believe you are not likeable at any time of the day! :)

Leslie said...

I think you have a wonderful start, now it is time to be a slave to watering. The family and I just got home and boy was the traffic a mess on I-75. We got off in Standish and took back roads home to Bay City. We are going to grill Hamburgers tonight and sit by the swimming pool.

Linda said...

It has been too hot to garden in N.J., too. Ah well.

By the way, you're a Kreativ Blogger Award winner:

Nan said...

Hi Carol it's nice to meet up with you here on your blog. Come visit me. I love your quilts. I quilt too but not to the extent you do nor the skill. I keep it pretty simple when it comes to quilting. I live in the far South of Alaska and we have mild winters and very cool summers. I hate the heat too and spent 60 years being too hot in CA. I'm loving this climate here.
Oh those mandivellas would look stunning planted with some blue Lobelia. Take Care
Nan PS Linda above led me to your blog.

Jewels said...

Heh C - I'm Back! Will be blogging shortly - I hope to get to my planting next weekend (though we are in for some showers I think). Jewels

Uncle Bill said...

Now those are some beautiful flowers! Your eye for color transcends across all facets of your creativity! Keep that A/C running at a comfortable temperature.