Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Friday

I have been lax on Fashion Friday - running low on fashionable photos of the Pearce family and other nice people. It's hard to be sure if I have already featured a picture or not. This morning I ran through all of the Friday posts and don't think this one is in it so will show you this lovely shot of Maggie, my grandmother, and Nelle, my aunt. They are dressed in lovely summery frocks, Maggie with her arms akimbo is all in white or very pale color. Nelle, with her ever regal expression, has a light blouse and dark skirt. She also wears either an apron or an overblouse - but I guess that it is an apron. They are standing beside a lovely plant that seems to be on a trellis or arbor - maybe grapevines. I have also decided that I will start occasionally posting the photos over on my other blog since they are definitely part of pieces of the past. (Click to enlarge)

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