Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goodness Gracious

Linda of has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger award a nice surprise. Thank you, Linda. She has a really cool blog with lots of fun old items - lots and lots of paper dolls, a passion of mine when I was a little girl. Go over and check her blog out. There are things I'm supposed to do as the recipient of this lovely gesture. One is to pass on the award to seven bloggers that I visit and enjoy reading. Some bloggers prefer not to receive awards and that will most certainly not be a problem if you do not wish to participate. Then you must list 7 interesting things about yourself and notify the blogs you give the award to.
You should also take the award and place it on your blog if you decide to accept it. This is Jewels - a friend and fellow quilter right here in our town. She is one of the Artist Trading Card swappers and she loves collages, thrifting, tea cups, their cottage in Canada - she has a darling blog and is taking really beautiful pictures. Be sure to check out her blog. Here is Karen's blog - we have been commenting back and forth now for a long time. Karen does absolutely beautiful work. She also is a gardener and posts photos of her beautiful plants. Be sure to visit her blog and see the beautiful things she has in the works - one of them is making kloesjes (hope I got that right) and she also is hosting a One Flower Wednesday. and a are so much fun. The first, of course, is full of old photograph the blogger finds in many different places, and the other is lots of fun old ads, all kinds of old papers. She writes in a funny quirky manner and it's imaginative and entertaining. Janet's blog about her life on their ranch in South Dakota. Fairly new, she is delightful and it's fun to learn of the work on the ranch lately during calving season - certainly different from most of us. I enjoy reading her blog a lot. This is a fun blog that shows what is found in old books. Charming. This is a refreshing blog written by the young mom of four children in either Australia or New Zealand. She is witty, cute and the kids are adorable. Takes great pictures. Fun to follow. Barbara is a quilt historian from Kansas and writes a very informative and interesting blog. A good read and lots of pictures of lovely old quilts - and new ones, too.

Now I am supposed to tell seven interesting things about myself - good grief, what can they be?

I am so glad I got to live long enough to be able to get in on the computer age. I love the internet and fiddling on the computer.

I have reached a stage in my life when I just don't sweat the small stuff anymore. Dust is clean dirt and the house doesn't look that much different after you clean it. And I did also learn that the kids and my husband weren't the only ones that mess things up!

Two years ago, I went to see Sex and the City twice - first with my youngest granddaughter (she was 18) and two of her friends and the second time with a neighbor my age. We went to a matinee and were the only ones in the theater!

Quilting has been a joy of mine for probably 35 years. I have a 22 year old Bernina that I just love. I tell my kids quilting keeps me out of their hair!

I drive a 1998 Prism and it has maybe 33,000 miles on it. I'm a regular runaround! If I go someplace, I fly.

I am in my 17th home since Ray and I married. I've lived in my little condo here for 12 years this summer and that is the longest I've lived anyplace over what would have been 61years of marriage. He worked for the Santa Fe and transferred a lot.

I consider myself so blessed to have had good health and a wonderful supportive family over all these years.


Momma Made This said...

Thanks for sharing these tidbits about yourself, Carol. You are such an inspiration, and I think it's so cool that you are willing and able to not only "keep up" but actually surpass those of us who are young enough to be your kids. : ) GREAT BIG HUGS to a wonderful Lady.

~ Ronda

Sue said...

Awww! Congratulations to you! That was just the sweetest post learning all that cool stuff about you. You sound like great fun! And that is why you are living a good life:)

I follow journeofaquilter and have joined her flower group. So glad that I did. You should join in the fun!!

Blessings to you.

Have I mentioned that I love your blog name?

Leslie said...

Cool Carol, and I do love your blog. I usually start my day with seeing what your thoughts are and end my day by seeing what you have been up to. Thanks!!!

Tattered and Lost said...

Thank you Carol. Very kind of you. I always love your posts at Pieces of the Past. Kindred souls loving old photos and paper. I happily accept your kindness and will pass it along to the next group of unsuspecting bloggers tomorrow.

Karen said...

Congratulations! The award goes to Carol and so it should! My favourite blog to visit and always inspiring, such a go-getter and never afraid to try something new. Your fabric and colour combinations are perfect and you always pick the best patterns to make. Thank you for thinking of me and keep on blogging my friend! You are my creative inspiration! :)

Hannah said...

You are one awesome grandma!
I saw Sex and the City 2 once already but would love to go see it with you again the next time I am in town!

Widge said...

Thank you so much!! (for the award and the lovely comment about me)!! *ahem* I'm from New Zealand NOT Aussie ;)