Friday, June 4, 2010

My Flowers are All In

This pretty little angel windchime came home with me from Joann's the other day. Earlier I had seen a big angel like her that I should have purchased. Will check again, but I think they are pretty well cleaned out of things now.
Here are two of my guardian pink flamingos - even though they are tacky, I love them so much. The little Austrian pines I put in a couple of years ago are doing so nicely. Maybe at Christmas I will put some little twinkle lights on them.

Another of my tacky little flamingos watching over the mandevilla I bought at Kroger. This one is white - doesn't look like the blossoms are as large as the pink one I had last year. However, it will still be gorgeous.

A mixed pot hanging at the corner of my house. Here are the bushy little delphiniums - I just love blue flowers. And my favorite allysum is here, too, and it will grow big and bushy and beautiful.

Just had to take this photo - in one of my hanging plants there is a cluster of cottonwood fluff caught up in the foliage. It is that time of year here when the white cotton is blown around on the breeze. So silky and pretty! So now, with the exception of one little old pot that sits on the old sewing machine base, I have my planting done. I will pick up a few little plants for that and call it another year. (Click to enlarge) P.S. The cottonwood fluff is just goregous when enlarged!


Chartreuse Moose said...

Wonderful photos! Yes, the cottonwood is amazing enlarged!!! I'd dearly like more plants/flowers/gardens...but aside from lack of time...we've so many chomping critters! A housewarming gift of a super thorny rose bush...planted within a few feet of corner of the house...was chomped to ground...and just "gone" the next day! I got weepy knowing if something so thorny was eaten...then tasty perrenials would be dessert! Ugh, critters! ;-)
Thanks for the lovely post!

Love Of Quilts said...

I enlarged the cottonwood fluff it was as you said just goregous. Trish

Leslie said...

Your garden is just perfect. It will be a job to keep fertilized and watered. I put all of my plants in with help from Leif and Elle on Thursday. I just need some impatients for 2 pots also.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing, take care!

Karen said...

Sweet angel and your garden looks beautiful! We are having such winds and rain today, I'm not sure what will become of the garden. :(