Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion Friday

This Friday I am posting two little "models" from a more recent time than usually featured.
Here are Molly and Norah (alas, Hannah didn't come along until a while later) when they came to visit their doting grandparents one summer day. It could very well have been the Fourth of July but can't say that for sure. Molly is a vision in pink wearing a little drawstring kneelength skirt and lighter pink teeshirt. Her socks have a pink band and her shoes are dark walking shoes. It is her hat that is the highlight of her outfit - a beautiful pink color and lovely big visor. Cool heart shaped sunglasses and a great grin complete her outfit. Norah is dressed more conservatively in what appears to be a one piece lavendar short jumpsuit with blue socks and white shoes. A hairband keeps her long dark hair in place. She, too, wears fashionable sunglasses and a sweet smile. Ain't they cute? (Click to enlarge)


Chartreuse Moose said...

Darling sweethearts! I so enjoy your photos, not always able to add a comment, for which I apologize! Have a wonderful July 4th holiday, hopefully surrounded by family!

Norah said...


I started literally laughing out loud at the "vision in pink" line. WOW.

Happy 4th of July!!! See you in a little over a month!!


Momma Made This said...

Yep. CUTE!!!! They must be related to you.

: )

~ Ronda

Sherry said...

Well, their personalities really come out in this picture! Such wonderful memories of visiting gramma and grandpa in Chillicothe.

Karen said...