Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tour my "Garden"

It's an absolutely beautiful day today - just perfect. It reminds me of what a neighbor said one time on a day such as this - "This is what heaven is like" - I had never heard that expression and it so aptly describes the day to perfection.
I haven't taken any pictures of my flowers since I planted them so here are a few photos of what is on my patio and the side of my house. Above is a kettle of flowers with a wave petunia, daisies, allysum and lobelia. The macrame hanger is the only one I have left of the many that I knotted back in the 70's. You could find such cool beads and all sorts of different rope, cord, etc. I loved the heavy white cord that looked like thick postal string. I think this one is a plastic as it has held up admirably over the years. Right now the geraniums in it are rather between blooms but there is some pretty allysum and some blue lobelia and pink begonias. It's kind of pretty.

I have several mandevilla and there is a pot of it on each side of the patio door. Gorgeous red. What looks like a green Christmas ornament is a little gazing ball. Then part of another hanging basket on the fence with a very ruffly petunia and some sweet little yellow daisies. One of the plants in this one died and I will see if I can find another to put in the little empty place. I don't think I picked some of the right flowers this time - I shouldn't have bought so many of the double petunias as I think they will be leggy. Oh, well, hopefully there is always another year.

Some gorgeous lobelia - I love the blue but sometimes in the past have had trouble growing it. This seems to be doing just fine. They are in the pot with the petunias and daisies. Next is my white mandevilla that is starting to climb the trellis propped against the side of the house. It is growing like a mad thing and is just lovely.

Closeup of the red mandevilla and another ruffly pink petunia. You have now toured most of my garden. There are a couple of pots out front that are doing fine but the deer stopped for a midnight snack a few weeks ago and it is recovering. Happy gardening! (Click to enlarge)


Beth Niquette said...

OOooh! What a lovely garden you have!!! Mine is off this year--haven't had much time to tend it, and the weather has been awful. (sigh)

Ah, well, I'll enjoy yours instead!

Norah said...

Gorgeous!! I will have to take some pictures of my "garden" in the city soon! Nowhere near your glory, but I have been able to work with shade annuals for the first time in a long time! I have been pleased to see a lot of Chicagoans making efforts to beautify their small spaces.

Love you!!

joanne lendaro said...

Very nice garden...your hard work has paid off beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

I sure hope heaven is as beautiful as your garden Carol!